Pocket Mortys Cheats

Are you looking for the best Pocket Mortys Cheats well look no further! We have found a pocket mortys cheats for both android and iOS. This cheat doesn’t require you to download anything, root your phone or pay for anything! All you need to do is go to https://pocketmortyscheats.com/ and then enter your user name and enter the number of Flurbos you want into your account and the number of Coupons you want into your account. The hack will run and then all you need to do is open the Pocket Mortys app on your phone and your account should have the added Flurbos and Coupons.

Pocket Mortys is a mobile game that came out in January based on the very popular tv show from Adult Swim, Rick and Morty. The game is a parody on the very popular video game Pokemon. The game is all about traveling and battling with your Mortys to get badges. Multiplayer wasn’t added into the game until July 2017.

With this Pocket Mortys Cheat you can add any amount of Flurbos and Coupons into your account for free. You can use these Flurbos and coupons on multiplayer. The hack is 100% safe is will never get your account banned.

The game plays on the name of Pokemon what in Japanese means Pocket Monsters. That is not the only similarity the game has to Pokemon. The battle features are very similar, as well as the concept of getting badges, which in Pokemon you have to get badges.

Pocket Mortys Cheats Tips

  1. Craft items as soon as you can. You never know when you will need a potion to heal a Morty in an very important battle
  2. Speaking of that. Always heal your Mortys, I weak Morty is not as good as a half HP Morty
  3. Avoid battles you don’t need to be in, if you don’t want to level up a morty, try and avoid battles as much as you can
  4. If you might knock out a Morty that you want to catch, Run Away! The morty will stay there, but will regain all its HP back and you can try again
  5. If you need to win a battle use Meeseeks box. You are guaranteed to win. Use this only when you absolutely need to you only have so much.
  6. The more badges you get the tougher the battles become.
  7. Use The Pocket Mortys Cheats website if you need more Coupons or Flurbos

Those are our top 7 tips for Pocket Mortys. We hope those help you on your adventure!

I had fun playing this game, I installed it ad played it for hours and hours. I have to say, after finding this hack for Pocket Mortys, it help me so much. I knew other people were cheating online in multiplayer, I just didn’t know how people did it, but I finally figured out how! I use to complain about those people but now I understand. I got all the items I wanted and the avatar I wanted.