How To Hire A Freelancer for your Mobile Game

We sadly all can’t be master of coding and graphic design, or know someone that can do one of those. For those of you that are lucky enough to have the talent to do both, we salute you. To the rest of us, what in the world are we to do?! Well the simple answer is to hire someone to do the work we can’t. But its not that easy! Today we are going to go over the correct way to find and hire a freelancer to work on your mobile game with you.

If you are still reading this I’m assuming you are either not the greatest at Graphic making, or you can’t code. So your mission right now is to find someone to fit those shoes. If you are like me I can’t make graphics. So I have to outsource the graphics to someone who is more skilled then I am. This can get expensive if you do not know what you are doing. Or worse you can get bad results for your money. Picking a great and inepxnsive freelancer is the ultimate goal, but a hard thing to do. So lets get started!

Finding Your Other Half

Hi My name is Bob, I can code a game like nobodies business, I can put out a game every week If I wanted to….go insane. But my only problem is I suck at making graphics. I just use place holder images that are not available for commercial use and if I try and make them they turn out horrible. I need to find a graphic designer.

Hi My name is Steve, I can make amazing graphics that make your jaw drop, I can make awesome animated sprites all day long. But I can’t code and I don’t have time to learn how to do it but I would love to make games. I could buy a fully coded game for $1,000s but I don’t have that kind of money, and all the games available are lame rip offs. I need a programmer!

The best case senior in finding someone to work with is someone who is also looking to make a game. So you both team up on the project and split credit and money they game makes. This way you don’t have to pay up front. The only thing with this is:

  • Profit Sharing – You have to share the profits with the other person.
  • Worry – You have to worry that the person will share the profits with you, you have to give them a lot of trust

Hiring A Freelancer

Now there is a low chance of you actually finding another person that is also looking to make a game, and also be interested in making the same kind of game. So you will have pay someone to make the graphics or programming for you. Unlike finding someone also interested in making games you won’t have to share the profits, but you will be out a chunk of money before you game even is out yet! So going this route your upfront cost is more, but if you game gets really popular, you will be making 100% of the money. So depending on what you need you will have to look at different places. So I will be breaking this into different sections.

Graphic Designer

I’m going to assume that you couldn’t find anyone person interested in making a game with you, so you are here. Now I’m going to start off with this. Stay away from Fiverr. It is pretty cheap but you do truly get what you pay for. I pay someone $30 on Fiverr before to re-skin a game I made. All they did was adjust the hue of the images. That was it! So save your self the money and do not go to Fiverr. So if not Fiverr Then where?

UpWork. UpWork is just like Fiverr, but these people actually know what they are doing and are not just taking graphics online and re-coloring things. Now On UpWork, you hire people based on an hour pay. So someone can offer their Game Graphic making service for $15 – $20 an hour. So you can be spending at least $100 for some good graphics. But it is worth it!


Again, I can not suggest you to stay away from Fiverr. Bad service all around, not only in the graphic design section. So Again, I suggest UpWork. You can just like graphic designers, you can get game programmers that are fluent in Unity, GameMaker ect. They work based on hourly pay, again you will be spending at least $150 on this.

Learning On Your Own

Don’t want to pay someone? Well its time for you to learn how to do Graphics or programming. I learned how to program and do graphic design thanks to Udemy. For as little as $5 you can enroll in a course on Udemy. You can learn programming and graphic design there. These are flushed out courses that have hours and hours of content for you to work with. This of course will take you several hours to do, but as opposed to spending money on someone doing it for you. You can learn it your self, and also increase your skill set and better your self!